Why the Brother Printer in Error State and How to Fix?

fix brother printer in error state

The reason behind the printer in error state issue is the most common printer error that comes from a few printers. You may face this issue very rarely, but it doesn’t indicate that the brother printer is not a reliable printing device. Brother printer is a globally reputed brand that has millions of active customers. Happy users like you, always love the HD quality print quality, smooth connectivity, easy to use features of the brother printer. In a fast-moving world, people like to use such a fast and maintenance-free device that not only makes their effort easy or efficient but also saves their valuable time. After reaching huge customers around the world like- United States of America, Canada & United Kingdom- The Brother Printer Team keeps updating its printing technology.

If you’ve thought in your mind – why brother printer in error state occurs, well there is no fixed answer on it. The printing procedure much complex, the reasons can be many. In such a situation your printer may ask for a quick repair.

When a brother printer stops printing and shows the printer is in an error state it refers that the error is in your printer hardware. Though, before going to the solutions, let us look at the reason behind the printer error state issue.


  1. Hardware BIOS error is a common factor that causes the error in printers
  2. Your operating system may be Virus or malware affected
  3. The Brother printer driver may corrupt.
  4. Power Connectivity issues
  5. Maybe Network or USBs are not plugged correctly
  6. Firewall Blocking
  7. Outdate brother printer drivers
  8. Problem with Printer Settings/ Windows Printer Service Settings
  9. Maybe a specific printer hardware component is not functioning appropriately.

Well, if your printer is not working, and showing the “Printer in error state’ message repeatedly. You don’t need to worry, because here we have mentioned the best and effective steps that will help you in fixing this error. Let’s process next and have a look over the guide.


As above we have explained some common factors which cause your brother printer may show a printer error state issue. And here in this guide, we have mentioned a few easy steps that you can follow to bring your brother printer out of the error state. There are some professional steps that you can follow to resolve the- Brother printer in error state error. If you do the following step-by-step process perfectly, you won’t need to contact any professional and can fix it on your own.

However, if the error doesn’t fix even after trying these steps, call the experts, because in such a situation only a brother support expert can help you.


First, you will need to do a manual inspection of your printer before you start with the solution. Since sometimes due to some minor issues, your printer may go into an error state. Therefore, if you check and find that cause, you will be able to fix the error, and because of this, your printer will also work in normal mode.

Check Below Things Before-

  1. The easiest way and the first action while having a brother printer in error state issue is to restore your windows in previous date. You can check some videos or tutorial for it.
  2. Ensure that your printing papers are not stuck inside your printer. In other word confirm that your printer is not have paper jam error.
  3. Often the wireless printer error is occurring due to low speed of connectivity, poor network or when Wi-Fi is not connected. So make sure to one of these is in working stage. Switch off your printer, disconnect it from the power supply connector, and after waiting for 1-2 minutes restart and connect them again.
  4. Unplug all the Data and USB cable then follow fixing instruction again.
  5. If still your brother printer in error state, uninstall your printer drivers and re-install it again.
  6. You can also run printer troubleshooting checker, if there is a error it will detect it and fix it automatically.
  7. After trying all the above solutions If the error still continues check how to solve offline error in Windows PC

Advance Solution on Brother Printer is Error State:

Check Hardware:

  1. First, make sure that your printer is connected perfectly with the power switch and it is powered on. Then ensure that it is connected properly with the computer or WiFi router (if your are using a wireless brother printer) .

Reconnect Printer with Network:

  1. If you are using LAN or Ethernet cable to access your printer, then make sure the connection is established. If you are not sure then, try to reconnect the printer by unplugging all the cables once.
  2. However, if your printer is connected Wi-Fi then, disconnect it and then again start the process to connect it with the Wireless router or access point.
  3. Restart your printer completely then observe if the error is coming or not.

Fix Parallel Port Settings:

The error state issue can also occurs because of the Printer Parallel Port Settings when you update your Windows new version. Therefore, to change the settings, follow the below- steps:

  1. First, go to the device manager
  2. Now select the parallel port option
  3. Double-click on it to open the properties setting
  4. Do a click on Port Settings tab
  5. Select “Use any interrupt assigned to the port
  6. At last, click OK to save with the changes.

Check For Malware or Virus Attack:

You need to check for any virus or malware attack in your system. For this, you should run Anti-virus software to detect the virus and find out which relevant file it has affected. After the complete virus scan, the software will provide you the final results and methods in solving this error.

Check if Printer Spooler is Running in Windows:

Printer Spooler Service also has an important role in the printing task, It must always keep it in running state.

  1. Press Windows + R key together
  2. In the command box type, services.msc and press enter.
  3. Scroll down and double click on Printer Spooler.
  4. Make sure the services are Running and set to Automatic.
  5. If not, then change the settings accordingly.
  6. Click on Apply and save the new settings.

If the error is still not resolved, then only one solution left that is- reinstall the printer drivers.

Re-install the Printer Drivers

  1. Go to the Control Panel and find the setup file, then uninstall the drivers from there. Next you need to go to the Brother Driver Downloads page, find the right driver with your printer model number and download it.
  2. Install the new Driver then check once again.

Fix Error For Mac:-

  1. Make sure to PC connectivity, even once the printer is mistake condition appears in your own Mac, that could be the first point to test on.
  2. Assess if your personal computer and printer are all connected to the exact identical wireless system. For those who might possess a UBS entry printer, check if you’ve attached these .
  3. Turn your printer off, unplug it from the energy source and its USB cables, await one moment and then put it on and join it to a Macbook.
  4. Reboot the PC and wait patiently for it to Show in Active. If it restarts, click the Apple icon, and then choose System Preferences, today in the screen select Tools and click to start the listing of printers installed Mac. If your printer does not show on the monitor, then it’s the main reason why the printer is currently revealing your own brother printer in error condition.
  5. When your Mac is revealing so lots of printers’ titles from the list, then remove the undesirable entries and maintain exactly the one that can be shown as lazy.
  6. It is possible to try out this remedy to restore your brother in error condition if it shows error condition, re-set printing strategy.

After subsequent to above-given measures and directions, in case , your Brother printer will not turn from the mistake condition then you are able to choose the aid of experts. You might even study through the printers’ manual or see videos of those technical pros saying in regards to the solutions. However, if nothing else works, then call the brother printer service for immediate assistance.

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