How To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

fix printer error ts02

Today, we are going to present a detailed solution to your WIFI Brother printer problem. Dear customers, when you are unable to take a print from your Brother printer due to ‘TS-02’ error message. You should follow the following steps on How to fix brother printer error TS-02? and fix error TS02 from the printer network settings. As a result, you will get your printer back online and you will have the option to print your papers once more.

What are the reasons for Error TS-02?

1. The primary cause behind the error TS02 is when the WLAN access point/ Wi-Fi router fails to connect the MAC address of the Brother Printer.
2. Printer driver corruption.
3. Operating system files corruption
4. Inappropriate installation and uninstallation issues of the printer.
5. Hardware Error.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

Step 1: Check the Connectivity

Firstly, make sure the connectivity of your printer with the wireless router/access point is proper. Ensure your Brother printer is not showing offline.

Step 2: Ensure the Network is Working

  1. Particularly, connect the Local Network (LAN). Use a computer with a default wireless port of LAN. Start PING to make sure WLAN access point/router is in working condition.
  2. Certainly, you should have uninterrupted and high-speed network connectivity.
  3. Without a proper internet connection and LAN network, you cannot use the WLAN access point/router for wireless printing or to fix error TS-02.

Step 3: Place your printer close to Wireless Router

  1. While fixing your WIFI setting, you can bring the printer near the WIFI router.
  2. Ensure there is no obstruction between the printer and the router so that the network is easily established.
  3. Keep the Brother printer within 4 feet from the wireless access point.

Step 4: Check MAC filtering Settings

  • Check if your WIFI router is using MAC address binding. Then, again check whether the MAC address of the printer is allowed or not in the router.

Step 5: Check Wireless Signal Settings

  1. Your Brother printer uses 2.4 GHz frequency normally.
  2. The device shows a TS-02 error message when it is using 5 GHz frequency.
  3. Visit the control panel, go to the setup wizard, and set the frequency to normal (2.4 GHz).

Step 6: Reboot

  • Lastly, restart the Brother Printer to fix TS02 Error,
  • You can also switch off your WIFI router for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then, restart your PC and all the devices to see whether the TS02 issue persists.

If the error is visible, you need to contact a technician without any further delay.

get technical support to fix error ts02 of brother printer

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