Why is your Brother Printer keeps showing offline?

why is my brother printer offline

One of the most asked questions by the brother printer users is- “why is my brother printer keeps going offline, or not connected” in google search 2020.

When you need to take an urgent print out from your Brother Printer and you are not able to proceed because your installed Brother printer keeps showing offline, you need to recheck the default settings of the printer to continue printing. In some operating system like Windows 10, the built-in feature is already there to auto troubleshoot the printer error,

Why is my brother printer always showing offline?

If you are brother printer says offline, and if you want to know the cause- why your brother printer is not connected? Then the common reasons are-
1. No Power Supply to your printer
2. Connectivity Issue
3. Printer Error
4. Software or an Operating System Issue
5. Driver Missing or may be Corrupted
6. Printer Setting
7. Hardware Problem

7 Most Common Reasons Why your Brother Printer goes offline

1# Proper Power is not available to your printer

power failure is the primary cause if a brother printer keeps going offline

The most common reason is that the brother printer may not have a proper power supply due to the power cable or your main power socket where the power comes from. Over 90% of complaint on Printer keeps going offline is due to power failure.

The most common reasons for printer power failure are-

  1. Maybe you device power cable have a Rat-bite
  2. Somehow the power cable got damaged
  3. Power loose Connection or Low Voltage
  4. It can be another cause- your printer power socket is rusted due to long use.

#2. Printer Connectivity Problem

know why a brother printer says offline due to connectivity

The second most common reason is printer data connectivity for offline error or when your brother printer shows not connected. Let us under why and how. Let us understand how a printer works-

When you take a print out from any printer, there are many technical processes done in the backend. In Simple way-

#1. Your Device (Computer/ Nodes) send a command to print a document to your printer. Your computer also ensure automatically whether the printing device is available and ready to print.

#2. Then the printer starts processing the request and run a self check the relevant printing component status to check the printer is ready to complete the requested task or not. This entire process takes 2-3 seconds.

#3. If the printer finds all tests are passed, then the printer feeds a paper and start printing on it accordingly and finish it as long as it is finished.

#4. When this printing task is done, then your printer sends back an acknowledgment command to your computer device, in case any error is found or the printer is unable to finish the printing task, then similarly a status on it also send to your computer by the printer itself.

This is how a printer works, therefor connectivity plays the most important role between your computer and a printer.

Understand types of printer connectivity failures-

  1. Using a Damage USB Data Cable
  2. If you are using a wireless printer, then WiFi connectivity may not working correctly.
  3. If you have a network printer, then network port or LAN cable has some issue
  4. IP Conflict or IP is changed
  5. Firewall restriction

#3. Printer Error

One of the other reason can be your printer has an error like-

  1. Low Ink
  2. Cartage Missing
  3. Paper Jam

#4. OS Problem

understand the primary cause on-brother printer is offline in widows pc

You must be using an operating system like- Windows, Linux, MAC. Sometimes the installed printer software occurs behind offline error.

Few common reasons are-

  1. Important ‘.DLL’ file missing or corrupted
  2. OS inbuilt Firewall system or any third-party antivirus software stop required functions/services.
  3. Default OS Printer Server/ Service (also called Print Spooler) is stopped.
  4. Your system might be affected by some harmful viruses.
  5. Printer software stopped functioning mostly in windows computers

#5. Printer Driver Problem

why is my brother printer offline for missing drivers

You need to ensure that the printer driver is installed properly, many times it has been noticed by the brother printer support team that mostly on “The Brother Printer is not connected“-

  1. Operating System is newly installed in user computer and the required driver is not available
  2. Driver corrupted

#6. Printer Settings

change brother printer setting to turn back from printer offline into normal mode

A brother printer has an inbuilt setting option that comes with a default setting from the factory itself. User may change the setting as per the requirement, but in the rare case, a user set the printer into offline mode by mistake.

Or, the same can be done from Printer Properties Setting or Printer Preference Settings in your operating system.

#7. Hardware Problem

brother printer says offline may be for hardware

A hardware problem is common when you use your printer for a long period of time & sometimes due to physical damage. If your printer hardware components are not functioning you must contact the Brother Support Centre.

Find brother printer technical support to fix the offline problem

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The above reasons are given for printer offline error based upon the most common issues. If you want to turn your brother printer into online mode, have a look at our suggested solution on – How to fix brother printer offline problem in easy steps.

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